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[劳动用工] 民企工作,入职无签订劳动合同,已工作6年整,现公司搬迁到异地,这种情况的维权与赔偿工作如何进行。 劳动 [Labor Workers] Work in private enterprises without signing a labor contract. After working for 6 years, the company has moved to a different place. How to protect the rights and compensation in this case?

[租赁装修] 租客洗衣机出水管没有插入管道,导致阳台积水,漏水至楼下,淋水楼下的席梦思,背景墙,打印机,主卧顶面油漆起泡。 租赁 [Rental decoration] The tenant's washing machine's outlet pipe was not inserted into the pipe, which caused water on the balcony to leak downstairs, drip Simmons downstairs, the background wall, printer, and the top surface of the master bedroom. Compensation downstairs. The tenant thought that the house was not waterproof enough, which caused water to penetrate downstairs, and asked for half compensation with me. What should I do in this case?

[加盟连锁] 西关名点早餐加盟骗局,骗加盟费,亏了3万块钱怎么办? 加盟 [Affiliate chain] What to do if you lose the 30,000 yuan by joining the scam for the famous breakfast at Xiguan? What should I do if the product has a low profit? Without its own factory, the products are patched together from multiple places, and the supply of more than one franchisee can't provide the broken chain, which has cheated many entrepreneurs' hard-earned money. What should I do?

[采购供货] 我定制了全屋家具,通风5个月还有味道,主动联系售后才发现商家下错单用了低端板材。 [Purchasing and Supplying] I customized the whole house furniture, it has ventilation for 5 months and taste. I contacted the after-sales service only to find that the merchant used the low-end sheet for the wrong order. There has been a delay of 7 months from the order to the present, resulting in an extension of stay. Is it possible to request to re-customize furniture according to Article 113 of the Contract Law and compensate the market price of rent for 7 months?

[工商登记] 我家想要在自家菜园上新建门面,(靠近道路,道路为新修且之前因道路曾要求我家拆迁,为县城郊区,非农村),想知道这其中涉及的法规,依旧如何能够获得政府许可新建门面及申请流程。 [Industrial and Commercial Registration] My family wants to build a new facade on their own vegetable garden. Ability to obtain government approval for new facades and application processes.

[合伙投资] 朋友开绣花厂,我投资五万,与朋友签订协议给两年股份给我,两年期间赚钱亏钱都与他无关,两年后把股份还给他他把五万还给我,去年半年赚了五万他说分一万给我又说没结到账一直拖到现在没给我,现在又说绣花厂倒闭要卖又说别人没给他钱,到现在为止一分钱都没给我还不接我电话,我想知道该怎么办? 合伙 [Partnership investment] A friend opened an embroidery factory. I invested 50,000 yuan . I signed an agreement with a friend to give me two years of shares. It was nothing to make money or lose money during the two years. He returned the shares to him two years later and he returned 50,000 yuan. For me, I made 50,000 in the last half of the year. He said that he gave me 10,000 points. He said that he had n’t paid the account until he did n’t give it to him. I have n’t given me any money and have n’t answered my call. I want to know what to do? Is the agreement we signed legally effective?

[股权转让] 大股东挪用公司公款超过3个月未归还,但是挪用该笔款项当时先转至二股东(我)的账户里,后立即转至大股东账户,此情况二股东是否构成协助挪用公款的罪名。 [Equity transfer] The major shareholders misappropriated the company's public funds for more than 3 months but did not return them, but the misappropriation of the funds was first transferred to the account of the second shareholder (me) and then immediately transferred to the account of the major shareholder. Misappropriation of public funds.

[承包/服务] 我是一名建筑工程承包商,现在公司发放工程款需要发到公司账户,但是我没有注册公司。 [Contracting / Service] I am a construction contractor. Now the company needs to send the project funds to the company account, but I have not registered the company. I would like to ask the company to find a friend to collect it? What does this process need to pay attention to?

[互联网合作] 技术入股合同中,出技术的一方负责某项工作与协助某项工作。 [Internet cooperation] In the technology shareholding contract, the technology developer is responsible for a certain job and assisting a certain job. What is the difference between the legal responsibility of "responsibility" and "assistance"?

[食品安全] 我在淘宝上买了一份下饭菜,里面吃出一个飞虫,请问我应该怎么索赔,能索赔到的金额大概是在多少 食品 [Food Safety] I bought a meal on Taobao, and I ate a flying insect. How can I claim it, and how much can I claim?

[侵权责任] 我方快递员路上骑电动车停靠,后面私家车有安装扩音器鸣笛以脏话辱骂,我方伸手先打了他,他也还手而且还掏出管制刀具,我方躲避后报警,路人作证,双方轻微伤,搞到法院要赔偿一万元,我们现在怎么办,会输吗 [Responsibility for infringement] Our courier stopped by an electric car on the road. The private car was slammed with a loudspeaker installed behind us. We reached out and hit him first. He also fought back and took out the control knife. Later the police called passers-by to testify. Both sides were slightly injured. The court had to pay 10,000 yuan.

[餐饮管理] 我们是一家餐饮管理公司,今年新开了一家门市,想请问以后可能会遇到哪些潜在的法律风险吗? 餐饮 [Catering management] We are a restaurant management company. We opened a new store this year. Would you like to ask what potential legal risks you may encounter in the future?

Catering contract template

加盟/连锁合同 Affiliate / chain contract
用工合同 Employment contract
承包合同 Contract
服务合同 Service contract
租赁合同 Lease contract
转让合同 Transfer contract
采购合同 Purchase contract
供货合同 Supply contract
股东/股份合同 Shareholder / Share Contract
代理合同 Agent contract
签单合同 Signing contract
装修合同 Decoration contract
管理合同 Management contract
技术合同 Technical contract
经营合同 Operating contract
投资合同 Investment contract
销售合同 Sales contract
招商合同 Investment contract
其他合同 Other contracts

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